I'm staring at a blank screen, the cursor flashing rhythmically in the white. There are so many things that I want to discuss here and yet the vastness of the white is a little intimidating. There's a weight to the first, to the beginning, and I can feel it sitting in my mind. The first needs to set the tone, show you who I am, what this business is all about; all the themes lined up for you to see. A heavy weight on a lone blog post's shoulders, for sure. And so I find myself faltering. I've been putting this off in the hope of finding the perfect words and the perfect time but we all know that's not going to happen. Perfect is a lie and the only way to start is to dive in, learn to swim as you go on. And so here I am, learning.

 (I'm taking this lesson both for starting blogs and starting businesses.)  

Anyway, the basic message is: welcome! I hope that as Two Hands grows and evolves you'll enjoy following along here. There will be behind the scenes stuff, occasional recipes and discussions about food and all it's facets: history, politics, culture and anything else that seems interesting. So, now that the screen is a little less blank, let's get going!